1996 US OPEN



7-6 5-7 5-7 6-4 7-6


After playing four hours and reaching a tie-breaker in the fifth set, Sampras was not only completely dehydrated and exhausted, he was sick to his stomach. At 1-1 in the fifth set tie-break, Pete walked to the back of the court and puked, receiving a time delay warning by the umpire. But with vomit streaming from his nose and mouth, Sampras continued on, seemingly barely able to stand but continuing to hang-in against Corretja, who wasn't about to succumb to feeling sorry for Sampras as Courier had done at the Australian Open.

The tie-break went to 7-7, and Sampras, barely able to stand, hit a pathetic 76 mile an hour first serve that missed. Sampras had obviously lost any control of himself or his serve, so Corretja shifted his return position to favor his lethal forehand, anticipating that this was the end. And then the miracle. Barely able to stand to deliver his second serve, I believe Sampras was able surrender to completely to whatever destiny had in store for him and find the pure expression of his being and his authentic swing. Pete swung, sending a 90 mile an hour second serve out wide to the space just vacated by Corretja. An ace! Corretja was completely stunned. Sampras was now up 8-7, and had a match point. Corretja, still trying to fathom the incomprehensibility of Sampras's second serve ace, double-faulted, giving the victory to Pete.








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