2006  SAP OPEN


McEnroe/Bjorkman v Goldstein/Thomas

7-6 4-6 (10-7)


John McEnroe (at 47 YEARS OLD!) showed he still has unbelievable hand-eye coordination and intensity by winning the doubles final at the SAP Open.
Mac and his partner, Jonas Bjorkman, beat a couple of former Stanford All-Americans, Goldstein and Thomas, to claim the title.
McEnroe ended the match in fine fashion; with a vintage backhand volley past his opponents.
McEnroe looked like he could still be a top doubles player and even play some singles after showing off his quickness and agility in attacking the net.
After the final point, the crowd gave McEnroe a standing ovation and the former champion relished in the moment.
He has now won 78 doubles titles, and this was his first doubles win in 14 years. McEnroe has now won doubles titles in 4 decades and has the second most doubles victories in the Open era. Are there more to come... with his skill, why not!