2006 US OPEN

1st Round


6-7, 7-6, 7-6, 6-2




Agassi had announced before the year started that this was his final year and that the US Open would be his final grand slam tournament.

Andre was not playing particularly good tennis before the US Open and had missed several stops on the tour due to his chronic back injury.

Pavel is a difficult opponent who has always played well against Americans, especially in Davis Cup.  So even though the packed stadium was

entirely behind Agassi, Pavel was not discouraged.

Agassi was hitting the ball with incredible timing and his movement looked very good.

The match had amazing intensity and the third set was especially good.  Agassi was down 0-4 and looked like this might be his last match.

But he changed to a tighter strung racquet and the magic was back! 

The crowd roared with every shot and they seemed to will Agassi to victory.

Andre said he felt great after the match, but later it was revealed that his back hurt so bad he had to lie down on the ground while waiting to be taken back to his hotel room.  He spent the next day in the hospital getting an injection for his back.  
But the warrior survived to fight another day....