ROGER FEDERER    v   RAFAEL NADAL                           

2-6, 6-2, 6-0      




Rafael Nadal had been playing brilliant tennis and had won his past 81 matches on clay.  Federer had also lost his previous 5 clay court matches against Nadal, so most were ready to

inscribe Nadal's name on the trophy even before the match was played.

Once it started, the play went as expected with Federer making too many errors and Nadal using his explosive groundstrokes, improved serve, and confident volleys to win the first set.

Federer seemed to be taking more chances from the very beginning, hitting harder and aiming for the lines with every shot.  The high risk play cost him early, but he stayed with the strategy

and soon his shots were finding their range.  Once Federer forced the match to 3 sets, Nadal seemed frustrated and out of sorts. 
Federer took full advantage and pulled off the win.  Even the normally subdued Swiss champion could not hide his joy at finally beating his nemesis on the clay.

Federer also admitted he was also just glad to find his form that had been missing over the past 2 months. 
Now the world #1 player can go to the French Open brimming with confidence.  Nadal will have to remember the previous 81 clay matches he won and try to

forget about this one loss.  It is possible that this loss will help Nadal too at the French Open, allowing him to play freely without the pressure of trying to maintain the clay court streak.

An amazing match, one that Federer has waited years to win!