6-2, 6-3, 6-2    

Federer provided more evidence that he might not be human as crushed Ferrer in the TMC finals in Shanghai.

Federer was asked recently what advice he would give to an opponent getting ready to play him.  His response:

"Don't even try, pal," the top-ranked Swiss star said. "You're probably not going to win."

Although he was joking, or was he... , the statement was backed up in the final against David Ferrer from Spain.

Ferrer, who was somewhat of a surprise finalist, had played his best tennis of the year in Shanghai.

He is extremely fit, and has fantastic lateral quickness.  He uses his topspin groundstrokes along with his movement to

keep points long and grind out a lot of points.  Ferrer rarely hits an errant ball and tires players out or forces

them to go for too much and generates a lot of errors from his opponnets.  This week, he also showed he could attack

as well as defend and would jump on short balls and finish points off at the net too.  In the final, Federer seemed perfectly

comfortable playing long baseline rallies, which spelled serious trouble for Ferrer.  Federer also showed that he was equally

quick and ran down some points that should have been over and then Federer has unmatched ability to go from defense on

1 shot to regain his balance to crush a winner on the next shot.   Ferrer fought hard, but his weapons could not derail the Federer

freight train.  Federer seemed overjoyed to finish out the year as the year end #1 and the TMC champion.