2007  WIMBLEDON      



4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 8-6




Roddick was steam rolling in his typical big serving Wimbledon fashion until late in the 3rd set.

Instead of fading, Gasquet began to gain confidence.  It grew slowly and steadily as each big backhand

flew down on the chalk for a winner.  Roddick shook his head in disbelief as coach Connors urged him to

stick to his game plan and wait out the surge in play from his French opponent.  But Gasquet's play was not

a brief flash, it was a tidal wave of genius.  Gasquet ended with a ridiculous 93 winners on the day, as he

chose to play an all-out aggressive game after going down 2 sets to Roddick. 

Whether or not Gasquet can continue this incredible level of play against his next opponent, Roger Federer,

is a big question.  Regardless, Gasquet can know that he came back from 2 sets down for the first time

to play the sport of tennis to absolute perfection!   ALLEZ!




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