2007   US OPEN


              JUSTINE    HENIN        v       SERENA WILLIAMS              

7-6 , 6-1

Justine Henin demonstrated her elegant one-handed backhand and whipped her forehand and showed
off her powerful serve. Her athleticism is amazing for anyone, but taking her size into account, it is astonishing.
However, the most impressive feature exhibited against Serena was Henin's incredible footwork

that had her sliding on the hard courts and racing side to side on the baseline to return every shot.
She looked like a miniature Roger Federer, and showed why she is the best player in tennis.
Serena Williams has the attitude of champion, feeling that she is always the better
player on the court. But tonight, was one of the few times she was outmatched leading to a number of frustrated screams.
Serena drew some attention with her post match comments that showed less than perfect graciousness.
Serena said, “I think she made a lot of lucky shots and I made a lot of errors,”
Henin showed her own bravado in saying, “From the tie break until the end, I played unbelievable tennis.

 I’ve been aggressive like the No. 1 player in the world, just trying to dictate the points.









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