RAFAEL NADAL           v     NOVAK DJOKOVIC               

 7-5, 2-6, 6-2   

Nadal's No. 2 ranking was at stake against Djokovic but the Spaniard prevailed in an often spectacular match that had both players clenching fists and thumping chests

after amazing winners and turned into a superb battle of skills and wills.
"It was great to be part of a fantastic match, the quality was very high," Djokovic said. "It was one of the best, maybe the best match I can remember I played on clay."
Nadal called the duel "amazing, one of my best matches."

Djokovic kept to his gameplan the entire match, trying to crush flat shots to keep Nadal deep behind the baseline and then hitting perfectly executed drop shots.

But Nadal never quit on a ball, and won his share of points using his own skills at the net after chasing down the drop shots.

Djokovic played spectacular tennis even in defeat, and takes away more confidence that he could beat Nadal if they were to meet again in Paris.