RAFAEL NADAL           v        NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO 

6-4, 6-2

Nikolay Davydenko claimed the second Masters Series title of his career with victory over Rafael Nadal at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, Florida.

Nadal was told by his coach, Uncle Tony, to use a variety of spins and heights to disrupt Davydenko. 

Nadal was also instructed to use mainly slice on his backhand side to avoid giving pace that Davydenko could use to put more power in his own shots. 

Davydenko, a consistent top 10 player that gets virtually zero press or endorsements, is a ball-hitting machine on the court,

just blasting balls left and right from the baseline until his opponent makes an error. 

Nadal should have abandoned his pre-match strategy as Davydenko was pressuring him and taking advantage of Nadal not being comfortable hitting the slice shots. 

The story of the tournament is how Davydenko switched to a new racquet at the start of the tournament and unlike the other pros that use multiple racquets every set,

he continued to use the same racquet for the entire tournament.  He obviously felt confident with it, as he was able to take huge swings that blew past Nadal.

Davydenko is a great baseline player, but his play against Roddick and Nadal in Miami was almost too amazing for even the Russian to believe.