2008  WIMBLEDON          


RAFAEL NADAL                    v            ROGER FEDERER          



Wow!! A Wimbledon match for the ages !!!!!!!

Federer was trying for his 6th straight Wimbledon title, while Nadal was trying to be the 1st player to win both Roland Garros and Wimbledon since Bjorn Borg in 1980.

An epic clash that continued the rivalry of the games' #1 and #2 players.  The battle of two different styles of play, the battle for records in the history books, and the battle

for the year end # 1 ranking all added to every great point in the match.  Nadal was targeting the backhand with his high bouncing forehand, while Federer was trying to run

around and hit forehands.  In a match of 2 greats where something had to give, Federer finally relented with a forehand into the net which caused Nadal to fall onto the grass in

disbelief and complete amazement at his accomplishment.  The French Open and Wimbledon trophies for 2008 are now his!




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