NOVAK DJOKOVIC      v     DAVID FERRER       

    6-0 6-2 7-5          

World number three Novak Djokovic destroyed fifth seed David Ferrer to reach the semi-finals of the Australian Open in Melbourne.
The Serb blew Ferrer off the court in the first set with the Spaniard making too many unforced errors to challenge.
"I even surprised myself with the way I played today, especially in the first two sets, but in the end I was very, very nervous", said Novak Djokovic.
Ferrer ran down shot after shot and managed to return the ball with tremendous pace, but Djokovic was in such top form that he made every volley look easy.

Djokovic was also able to paint the baseline with every forehand, even when he was on the run.

It was so impressive, that he looked unbeatable, and Ferrer really wouldn't have been blamed for giving up.

But instead, Ferrer came out supercharged in the 3rd set to try to change the momentum of the match.

But as Ferrer's play raised up, so did Djokovic's game and the contest was amazing to watch.
Djokovic proved that he has the game to be the best in the world, but just as amazing was the fighting spirit of Ferrer, which never wavered. Bravo!










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