RAFAEL NADAL             v            JO-WILFRIED TSONGA               

    6-2 6-3 6-2        


Nadal looked confused, bewildered and, at times, just plain angry.
There can rarely have been a more comprehensive dismantling of a world number two's game than the one Jo-Wilfried Tsonga handed Nadal on Thursday.
He made the three-time French Open champion look one dimensional, under-powered and half-a-step slow - impossible accusations until now.
Tsonga served giant 130+mph serves that could have been fired by Sampras, and flat cannon of a 2 handed backhand that seemed borrowed from Safin,

and Tsonga moved into the net and dropped volleys on a dime like Rafter.
Nadal played a good match and seemed hopeful that Tsonga would either get nervous or not be able to play perfect tennis for more than an hour.

But Tsonga never tightened up and continued to blast winner after winner.  Just an amazing display of tennis that moves the young Frenchman into his first grand slam final.
Can he continue this amazing level? If so, will Federer be there and have the answer?










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