5-7,7-6,7-6,3-6,16-14 !!   

Federer won his record-breaking 15th major title by beating Andy Roddick in an extraordinary encounter on the Centre Court of Wimbledon.

Few would have predicted that this match could possibly live up to the drama of last year's final when Nadal dethroned Federer, but Roddick proved

up to the task. Roddick has been training for a year to improve his game, and the results were on full display during Wimbledon.  The 136mph serve is still there, but

his forehand is more powerful and his backhand is immensely improved.  Roddick can comfortably stay in baseline rallies with the best players in the game now

and even his forray into net look much smoother with improved volley technique. 

Roddick outplayed Federer for the first two sets, but one tricky high backhand volley cost him a set as Federer came storming back in the tiebreak to even the match

at a set all.  It was a demoralizing blow to let Federer back in the match like that, but to his credit, Roddick regrouped mentally and came out just as strong in the third set.

After Federer won the 3rd set, Roddick had to dig even deeper to find the energy and the determination to keep competing.  And compete he did as he fought through a nasty

fall on the grass to win the 4th set.  The 5th set was just amazing, as both players had worked so hard to get to that point and both still wanted to win with every fibre in the body.

This was a match that neither player deserved to lose.  Roddick had played the match of his life just 2 days prior against Andy Murray, and somehow had topped his level in this match.

Federer was up against a fierce opponent that was playing impeccable tennis, but the champion did not panic and upped his own level of play.  Roddick was rightly dejected at coming  so

close but not being able to win.  But Roddick proved so much about his character even in defeat.  For the great champion from Switzerland, there is more comfort in knowing

he withstood a tremendous challenge and the reward was not only the Wimbledon champion's trophy, the historic 15th major, but he also regained his #1 world ranking!!!!!!







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