RAFAEL NADAL              v            ROGER FEDERER                            

    7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2              

Nadal has conquered the clay, the grass, and now the hard courts as well. 

Once deemed only a clay court spin ball machine, the Mallorcan sensation showed he has adapted and improved as a player to win on any type of court.

Federer struggled to hit his 1st serve all match long which put him in trouble in what seemed like every service game.
Meanwhile, Nadal targeted an endless barrage of shots at the Federer backhand and never deviated from his simple but effective game plan.

Spread throughout the match were a number of jaw-dropping, RIDICULOUS points between two of the games greatest players

where each shot seemed like a winner but the points would just keep going. In the end, the athleticism and determination of Nadal

was enough to overcome Federer who couldn't hide his disappointment when he cried during the trophy presentation. 

* due to length of the match, it comes on 3 discs










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